How many of you like staring B##BS?

Image for your reference only.


Are you still gazing at her partially visible breasts?

Of course mostly have clicked this answer because of curiosity and only after looking at the pic and not the question.

And I want to talk about two kind of persons here in the starting of my answer ::

Being a man it’s always hard to ignore these things because if something attracts your eyes, you will gaze at them for sure.

So I can say =>


Keeping in mind the importance of above statement, let me share few heart wrenching truths.

I can quote tons of examples here. But it’s not worth to extend this answer.

I want to talk about things that stops someone being a GOOD SOUL’.

I want to talk about those behavioral aspects which leads to KILLING OF HUMANITY.

But before that lets highlight few necessary moral and ethical values that the parents should inculcate in their kids since their childhood.

But it’s not always about inculcating values in your child’s mind. As a parent you also need to thirst their ever growing CURIOSITY too.

As a parent you should in-act as a SPOC for most of your child queries and believe me it’s your prime responsibility to quench the curiosity thirst of your kids with your experienced answers, otherwise the unanswered queries will eventually give birth to WRONG and MISLEADING INFORMATION and which will be really DANGEROUS for you, your kids, society and to the whole world.

In most families even DAUGHTERS talk about their PERIODS openly in their families. I am sure even boys from these families know what true RESPECT means.

Now the reason why i wanted to talk about the above moral values before proceeding further, because as per me every person starts possessing good and bad behavior since their childhood only.

Now it becomes important for everyone to understand that why I talked about the above moral values on the first place.

Failing to learn these moral and ethical values will lead to develop below behavioral changes in a child.

The above behavioral changes leads the individual mind to be involved in NEGATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS.

I can go on explaining more and more points and I believe there’s no end to the explanations on this topic.

Now don’t rant about words like SITUATIONS and HELPLESSNESS in the comment section.

So the point to remember from this answer is to inculcate good values in your kids since early childhood because that’s the only way we can stop all the negative thought process which lights up the formation of a DEMON in the society we are living in.




Don't Cry unless your Try!

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