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It was around midnight and everyone was in a deep sleep. A complete pin drop silence in the house. Except for the dogs barking continuously in the society as if they have seen something.

Due to hectic work load in the office Pratyush was required to complete some pending stuff and so he decided to not disturb his wife and newbie.

He lit a cigarette and took a puff and walked towards his balcony silently. He looked at his mobile and the time was 2 a.m. in the morning.

The workload was so high and he was so indulge in his projects that he didn’t bother about time. But he couldn’t just concentrate more. He was also deprived of love making with his wife since really long as she has just delivered a baby last week only. So he decided to play a porn video on his phone while puffing the cigarette.

He was so engrossed while watching that video that he forgot he was in the balcony and he only realized when he ejaculated. He went to washroom to clean himself and then came to his living area and drank some water to relax his mind.

Suddenly his phone rang! (TringTring…)

He picked his phone to check who it was and was only able to foundUNKNOWN NUMBERand so he rejected the call.

Few minutes later his phone rang again (TringTring…), he gave a glance at the clock and whispered 2:45 am! who might be calling me at this time? But he decided not divert his mind and continued focusing on completing his deliverables.


This was the third time his phone rang and he decided to pick it up. (Silence…) Hello!….. Hello!….. Speak up….. meanwhile the call ended, leaving him in deep thinking.

But then as soon as the call ended he saw a notification on his phone “Message from unknown”. He opened the message inbox and the message reads as “I FOUND YOU!” He ignored that thinking of some kind of prank by friends and so he switched off his laptop and went back to sleep.

Next morning, it was raining outside, and his wife woke him up for the office. But may be he was overhearing her voice and so he ignored. And suddenly he heard a voice — I FOUND YOU, and he jumped off his bed.

Pratyush: Shivani, were you saying something to me?

Shivani: Yeah, I was trying to wake you up but you were not listening to me. Looks like you were in a deep sleep.

Pratyush: Yeah I was..,the work pressure..

Shivani: Np, hey..’I found your’ tie that you were searching the other day. This tie will match to your today’s office dress. Now get ready, it’s already too late.

Pratyush: Sigh..ohh this was Shivani…whom I heard in my sleep.

He got ready quickly and went to the dining table to have his breakfast.

His father has already finished his breakfast and was watching some news on the television.

“60 MISSING CASE OF PEOPLE REPORTED AT NEARBY POLICE STATION, according to the sources FIR has been filed, and investigating officers have found 10 weapons lured in fresh blood. Weapons have been sent to the forensic lab under police custody”.

Pratyush’ s father looked at his son and said son, Mr. Sharma was saying that he has seen a video footage and they appeared some inhuman monsters. They were chopping the body parts into pieces…. “be safe son, they are behind young blood”. This is what he could utter in a heavy voice.

Don’t believe such things Dad, nothing will happen to me. I am a male and I can rescue myself and with this he gave a warm hug to his newbie and left for his office. It takes him 1 hour drive to reach his office by Ring-road highway.

While waiting at the traffic signal, he received another notification “Message from unknownwith the same message “I FOUND YOU!” but he ignored, and started driving.

When he reached his office he got another message “I FOUND YOU!”.

Pratyush was like W.T.F…who is this Mother Fu$#er? This time this message caused him serious worries and he was really annoyed too and so he repliedWho are you and why are you sending the same message to me?.” After that he kept phone in his pocket and reached back to his desk to start his office routine.

It was lunch time, when Rakesh showed him a forwarded video on WhatsApp.

Are you receiving messages from UNKNOWN NUMBERS?

If yes, then beware!!!

We have gathered information about 10 monsters attacking our city. First they kidnap people, abuse them harshly, and force them to fight with other monsters carrying sharp edgy weapons.

If the person fails to win, these monsters will chop their body parts into pieces in front of others and eat them as their delicious food.

Many body parts such as liver, eyeball, intestines, ears were found on the Ring road Highway. Many have seen these monsters carrying saw and hammers in their hand.

And this blood game starts with a single message “I FOUND YOU!”

Here are some of the snaps.

Now Pratyush was totally terror stricken, sweat dripping off the ground from his chin. Rakesh interrupted, “Are you okay?” but Pratyush was unable to understand anything. He could only whisper …. NEXT WAS ME?

It was around 8 O’clock In the evening when he packed his bag and left the office due to bad weather. The sky was changing its color. In the cloudy summer evening, the color of the sky is always deceptive. Any instant, all the brightness could disappear, leaving behind only the darkness. Again a notification barged in his way “I FOUND YOU!”. He was totally frozen by the thought of getting killed.

What if I did not reach home today?

What if I may not be able to see my baby and family again? I didn’t even spend much time with her?

Who will take care of my parents’ and their medical expenses?

My death will make my wife a widow.

Society will make their life hell.

There is no one after me to take care of them,

How will they survive?

Those “WHAT IF?” made his eyes wet. He didn’t had any idea about the message sender. He can’t even tell anyone at home.

“God please save me” Pratyush whispered inside him while praying to God for his life.

He was continuously stirred by these breaking thoughts while driving towards his home. Insisted on his accelerator a bit to reach home as soon as possible. He just want to be with his family in any condition.

It was just another 15 mins drive before he could reach his home, and suddenly stopped his car as he could see a tree fallen down on the road.

“Shit! I thought I will reach home early but no more…he whispered.

Gave a second thought and decided to take help from someone passing nearby and with this approach he quickly opened car door.

Streetlamps were blinking, there was no sign of humans. It was already cloudy dark and he walking around to search someone for his help. He even called out loudly “HELP!!! but to no avail” At a distance of 10 meters, he saw a shadow of a human running towards him.

And their he was soon standing in front of a dark massive hulky figure with bloody eyes carrying a sharp edge blade in his hand.

He was terror stricken, sweat began to drip down the grown, hands & legs were shaking, mind was totally blank. He was not even able to shout for help.

Again those “WHAT IF’s?” making appearance in his mind, and he was literally started crying.

He wanted to go home, but he couldn’t.

He wanted to hug his baby and family, but he couldn’t.

He wanted to see his family’s smiling faces again, but he couldn’t.

He wanted to sleep in the arms of his wife, but he might never be able to sleep again.

All the faces were coming into his mind, and he was feeling helpless, completely helpless!

All he knew was he was going to be killed soon as he was just standing in front of his upcoming death and then these vultures will chop him down into pieces.

Tears started rolling down his eyes. His face and shirt was already wet with his tear, fear and sweat.

The monster even came close to him and yelled “I FOUND YOU!”

And all Pratyush could utter was — Please leave me. I want to go home, in a crying tone and state of mind.


Petrifying right?

What about this? I am sure your soul will tremble!

  • As she was always told not to roam around freely, she was advised that the night is not meant for her. She was aware of the perils waiting outside, so she did not go out in the dark.
  • Unwanted touches on her breast. The feeling was similar to burying her under debris. Feeling the pain, she started crying.
  • First sexually assaulting a woman, then breaking the bottle of your wine inside her vagina damaging her genital parts.
  • Moreover when your lust isn’t fulfilled with your Pen*s you penetrate the rod inside her.
  • When your lusty-dusty nature gets over, you devils break her bones and fingers so that she can’t reach for help?
  • You try to shut her mouth up by setting her on fire alive.
  • You spook her everywhere she goes.

Have you ever imagined her mental state?


What’s one thing you think more people should realize?

“These monsters exists in real world too and not just in this story.”

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