Suddenly his phone rang! (TringTring…)

Here are some of the snaps.

  • As she was always told not to roam around freely, she was advised that the night is not meant for her. She was aware of the perils waiting outside, so she did not go out in the dark.
  • Unwanted touches on her breast. The feeling was similar to burying her under debris. Feeling the pain, she started crying.
  • First sexually assaulting a woman, then breaking the bottle of your wine inside her vagina damaging her genital parts.
  • Moreover when your lust isn’t fulfilled with your Pen*s you penetrate the rod inside her.
  • When your lusty-dusty nature gets over, you devils break her bones and fingers so that she can’t reach for help?
  • You try to shut her mouth up by setting her on fire alive.
  • You spook her everywhere she goes.



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